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Redesign is the creation of a brand new graphic design. In this process, the visible part of a website is visually processed with Photoshop and css. When redesigning a website, you need to know what to order from your web designer and navigate it properly in the redesign process. As we all know, quite a few web and graphic designers are not particularly resourceful about some things. Therefore, you need to strictly control the process of redesigning your website. This way you get the desired end result.


When ordering a REDESIGN you receive:

  • Complete redesign of your website or online store
  • Brainstorming for proper homepage layout
  • Lighten up your site by reducing the size of your images
  • Analyze JS, CSS and HTML on your site (for optimization)
  • Free SEO Analysis

WEBSITE: $ 500 (term 5 working days)
ONLINE STORE: $ 700 (term 5 working days)



As soon as you start redesigning a website, you must first tell web designers what color scheme to stick to. You should also give them a path to build the layout of your site.

What is a layout path?

In the process of redesigning a website, the path is the template for visually structuring the images and the structure of your site. Without a path (template) to follow, graphic designers will not know what end result you want. They will easily get lost along the way, redesigning structures at their discretion. Designers are not sellers. They do not know how to present a product to make it memorable and marketable. That is why most Web Design Studios like ours cooperate with a wide range of marketing specialists. They know how to sell on the internet through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, even with Youtube and are very good at it.


What do we need to know in the process of redesigning an online store?

Redesigning an online store is not like redesigning a website and it is not an easy task. There should be no colors in the process that are out of place. Namely – with the good impression and flexible functions of an online store we invite the customer to shop. Therefore, redesign of an online store requires many experienced designers to complete the task successfully and efficiently.

We at Global Web Design BG are constantly informed and qualified for all innovations in the field of web and graphic design. This way we can make you not just a website, seo optimization, web software or website redesign, but also help you succeed in your business.


A professional redesign differs from a standard redesign in many processes. For starters, the normal process begins with a simple arrangement of CSS code. For visual change of fonts, colors and arrangements of elements. But a redesign of a website is not just layouts in it there are many JavaScript scripts to follow, as well as responsive code. Therefore, in the process of redesigning a website, it is good to touch the images first of all and the CSS of the site. Website redesign is a complex task of graphic design, programming of cascading style sheets and linking logic for responsive code. As we said, it is not an easy task when we want a professional result.


The graphic design has several professional stages until the desired visualization effect is achieved. The first stage is the conceptual design for mental orientation of consumers with colors. As you know, each color has its own eye navigation where to look. When a website has a red dot and it is gray, your eye normally goes to the red dot to see the difference. This is the second stage of graphic design of the structure of the website or the so-called graphic redesign of the website. The third step in redesigning a website is targeting color banners for personal products and services. Or the so-called indoor advertising. The idea of ​​indoor advertising is when a user enters the site. See quickly what you think would be for sale.


Redesigning through internal banners on all pages of your website on a rotating basis gives saturation of information. Your website user will get used to these ads minute by minute and pay attention to them. All this needs to happen of course very appropriate colors, perfect psychological graphic design. The user will watch something new every time, and who does not like new things is no such people. Most web studios do not do this carefully, throw in a design and change colors.


Strategy and PR is when you place internal ads and products or services on the first page of your website. The idea is not only for quick sales and attention, but for ultimate convenience and display of your products and services immediately. This saves the customer time and makes your website useful for him, saving him time from unnecessary digging. However, redesigning a website in combination with product positioning and PR marketing with internal ads is an unsurpassed strategy. That is why we at Global Web Design BG offer a professional package redesign of a website with product positioning. The package includes a complete redesign of the site and a graphic redesign of the visual part. Most of the steps of the redesign stages include partial programming of the CSS code of certain modules as well.


Graphic redesign of an online store is required in most small or unprofessionally designed online stores. The overall concept is broken, the colors are not hit and in such moments a redesign of an online store is required. We at Global Web Design BG offer fast and efficient and professional solutions for your online store. An online store is not just a store, but the online vision of your business in front of millions of people. Understanding this importance, We act professionally and very delicately, through analysis and PR marketing research. Many web studios do not offer marketing research, nor a PR specialist, let alone a product manager. This, of course, always leads to low and very poor end results.


website redesign
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