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Rental online store – a good solution for online business, which will allow you to sell immediately without investing much money. This wonderful idea became a model at the end of 2009, but developed in 2013 with full force. Mostly small and medium-sized businesses were the first to order an rental online shop, testing the advantages and benefits. Realizing the huge advantages of not paying for hosting, maintenance and saving time by using us to upload items, many of them ordered 2-3 rental online shop. This, in turn, necessitated renegotiation of some services used so far by the hosting company we work with in order to ensure the best possible service, quality, speed and adequate functioning of the online store. All this became a reality in just 35 days of hard work and a lot of negotiations with the hosting company.


Like any online service, this one has its advantages and disadvantages, namely: temporary LAG – sometimes (very rarely), Google Chrome blocks content and slow loading of the online store from mobile devices. To date, 90% of these shortcomings have been adequately addressed. Thanks to our highly qualified specialists, ninety percent of the bugs have disappeared. By increasing the quality of this service, we improve its usability and increase the sales of our customers. The main advantages of an  rental online store are that you do not have to pay BGN 600 – BGN 900 to have it. You just order the service from us and within two working days you have a ready online store for filling with products. We also offer additional extras to each online store (CloudFlare) so that you never lose service, regardless of whether you have been hacked.


When ordering an rental online shop you get:

Development of thematic design (selection from gallery and finishing)
Production of Heather (horizontal banner in the head of the site)
Making a rotator for products
First page segmentation (bestsellers, new products, etc.)
Making two post offices to service an online rental shop
Contact form of online store + spam protection
Local SEO of an online store + first page
Creating Robots.txt – Sitemap.xml (filling and indexing only the correct pages from the online store)
Creating an RSS Feeder system for local SEO
Real-time Chat Installation (Extra)
Possibility to pay by card (not included in the price – ask!)
Link Checker system for broken links (extra – not included!)
SEO Optimization Module – (extra – not included!)
Upload items to the online store (not included in the price!)

(Uploaded product with pictures and description – 1$)
(Uploaded product with pictures and SEO description – 2$ “increases the chance for 1st page product positioning”)

PRICE: 50$ per month (without uploading products, considered separately)


You receive a guarantee for quality and refund in case of non-compliance with our conditions. Example: poor support, poor functionality of the online store, lack of ordered module, no products are uploaded after ordering this service).


What does it mean to have an rental online shop warranty? This service was newly introduced in 2008 by us so that we can offer security to our customers. Anyone who pays wants a guarantee that if something goes wrong their money is not wasted. Guaranteed quality gives many free steps to achieve the desired graphic and functional end result. Imagine you are paying, but instead of renting an online store you get a simple website feature of an online store and no local SEO. This will not take your product to the first page under any circumstances, which will cost you money and many lost benefits.


The extra modules give each rental online shop additional functionality and quality. For example, your online store does not have a subscription form or no credit card payment. Extra modules give these opportunities to your online store. For example, if you have a module in your online store for mass emails, you can do free email marketing to everyone registered in your online store. Each addition is checked by our specialists specifically for your business to see if it would work. Company have a professional Product Manager with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. We also have a Marketing PR specialist in digital and physical advertising and our own printing base. We lock the entire cycle to your needs, giving high quality, speed and competitive prices to each of our services.


We introduced this service in 2013 due to numerous hacking breakthroughs on our clients’ websites. The hackers’ attempts were to ruin their business. We cooperated with specialists from some of the leading countries in digital protection and made a module for real-time anti-hacker protection. The result of our action was felt immediately. This module continues to work to this day without any problems. If your current websites or online stores have a serious delay or break, it means you may have a virus. Many hosting companies cannot detect integrated (inline) viruses. It is serious to read until you find exactly this line of code in 60,000 lines and clear it. This, of course, bordered on the hitherto impossible. We have a tool that checks the file from the manufacturer and compares updates. This way, our tool clears the affected file and restores its original code.


What does local SEO optimization of an rental online store mean, how is it done and what are the benefits?

Doing a local SEO for an rental online shop is as important as for a standard online store. Everything is based on the customer’s desire to immediately get his products on the front page of Google. Local SEO for an rental online store is not cheap, but gives a 100% result when pushing products to the first page by keyword phrases. What else does an online store need? More sales – to be useful and return on investment per month. What exactly should we want when ordering a local SEO for an rental online shop? First – writing SEO-oriented text, second – to ask for link building and third – to ask for caching of the entire online store.

rental online store
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