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SEO Website optimization – is a process in which seo oriented text is written with keywords, phrases and links with word anchoring. The overall concept is to be able to tell Google crawlers what words to look for and collect for your website.


SEO Website optimization – is seo optimization of the first page for a website plus internal pages. Each page should have a very well-described topic with keywords and phrases. In the process of writing seo content it is desirable to put keywords and phrases. Each keyword and phrase must be anchored and given a thematic internal link. When writing keywords for a given page, they should be responsible only for it and not just copy paste for all pages. This would bring the optimization to a very critical level. Google will consider the site as one page in the worst case, of course this will lead to poor ranking. How exactly can the optimization process be described.
Proper seo optimization always leads to high search results in mass search engines.



SEO Online store optimization – in general can be described as a long process that requires great knowledge. Many web designers think that the standard approach to seo optimization will help, but this is far from the case.
When writing seo content for an online store, you need to know a few things. The titles of the articles must be seo oriented, what does that mean? This means that titles should be checked in Google search results. If they exist there, it becomes mandatory to be present on your website. In addition to seo titles, you need to be able to describe the text correctly. This means that users like it and do not notice the seo optimization of the content. This is not an easy task, because each store has its own deadline and you can’t prolong the writing for a long time.



Link Building is a process in which internal links are created for a website. What is the idea of ​​this? The overall concept of link building is to create thematic internal links. And the more themed Google distributes your site as thematic and ranks it higher in search results. If you have a serious external link building to your website this is a big plus for you. When you google Google, it will collect all the links for you from the Internet. This will indicate interest in your website and Google will push you even further in the rankings when searching for certain keywords. In general, link building is a network of internal and external links to and on your site.



SEO Text optimization is generally the writing of text with keywords and phrases on the subject of content. The best texts with seo content are the texts with many keywords, entirely on the topic. This contributes to the availability of seo text optimization. When performing seo website optimization of texts, you must strictly adhere to the topic. If you do not follow this rule, you can write great texts, but with almost no seo power and visibility. There are many sites that do not optimize texts on their internal pages and for this reason are in the extreme positions in Google. The aim is to provide only the highest quality and professional results based on seo optimization of texts. The power of seo text optimization.



SEO Optimization of wordpress – optimizing wordpress sites is not a very easy task. The platform has its own features and does not predispose to good seo website optimization with little movement. For example, Prestashop is many times easier to service for writing seo content in it. The worst platform for seo is probably Joomla no matter the version, things are pretty oily there. The reason for this is of course the poor skills of the developers and the frequent change of team. All this leads this platform down to almost complete and disappearing. There are many plugins for wordpress, but there are only two professional ones that can do the job. For now, the Yoast SEO plugin is doing a great job, hopefully the developers will continue to support it.



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seo website optimization
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