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MOBILE APPLICATION FOR Android, IPhone and Windows

Who are we? We are Global Web Design BG and we develop mobile applications for your smart devices so that we can give you access to better advertising and flexibility of your business in the online space. By increasing your presence on Google Play with a mobile application, you receive exceptional advertising not only in the country you are in, but also in front of a large part of the world’s population. Of course, the appearance, ie. the interface advertising of your mobile application must be very well chosen and in the style of your successful business. This guarantees the success of your mobile application.


Mobile applications offered by specialists developed at this stage are only for smart devices with the operating system Android (Android), iPhone (iPhone) and Windows (Windows)!Development of applications for all your needs – advertising applications, game type applications, information, launcher applications for a website, etc. by maintaining competitive prices for our industry.You will not have annoying ads within that will irritate you and interfere with a good game. You will receive an additional option for support via SMS from developers. This way you will only be able to offer free gaming apps, utilities and more.


This is also one of our web-based game projects, which is made in support of socially disadvantaged mothers with children. We donate the aid personally and without intermediaries to be absolutely sure that it will reach people in need. We welcome anyone who wants to support this cause, because many mothers with children do not have money for vital things. Very often, in order to provide food, clothing, textbooks for their children, they are forced to work in two or more places, and sometimes even to prostitute themselves on the street. We don’t just do business, we help you, our customers, grow and be able to drive the economy.

mobile application development


Together with our entire team, we decided to create a web game in which there is no violence, no envy, greed and thirst for power. The project turned out to be perhaps one of the most difficult to imagine. A world without these conditions can be described as a perfect, but quite difficult to build world. The concept of the game is to develop the skills of the players and help them find their direction in the real world. How would this happen, you ask yourself from the virtual world to the real world? Anyone who can help us create unique software to develop the potential of not only children but also adults is welcome. You don’t have to be a programmer, you don’t even have to know what programming is. All you need is a desire and we will show you how to help us with your personal skills.


Yes it is entirely possible, this game is not just a game. You will ask what is it then? This is a perfect simulator for potential development! This game, perhaps more software, makes the way of thinking flexible and thus helps you to organize your own program of life. In addition, by building it you can earn real money. The concept has its own motor to maintain the cash balance and all players in the game. You both play, have fun and meet, and develop your skills and at the same time earn real money. In this way the perfect balance between the game, the life and the development of a human being is realized. It took us more than 18 years to put together the pieces of this seemingly impossible puzzle, but now the day has come for us to talk about it as well.

mobile application development
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