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This wonderful service took place in 2014 with the support of several web design studios including us. The idea of a rental website is to save time and money to be built.
This opportunity gives you the chance to be immediately  available online. There are many web designers who offer this service for а very little money, but usually there are many hidden risks, which may cost you more later.
The appearance of a website and the imposition of a company  reputation is not an easy task and a freelancer cannot serve these needs.
For this reason we at Global Web Design LTD have a Digital Marketing Specialist. By studying the market for the saturation of services and products in your field, we can provide very accurate analysis and suggestions for your website.


When ordering a rental website you get:

      • Website building for rent
      • Heather building (the banner in the head of the website)
      • Choice of a design theme for your needs
      • Writing a seo oriented text for the first page
      • Installing basic modules (contacts, gallery, calendar)
      • Creating Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml (and their setting)
      • Writing articles (not included in the price – ask!)

PRICE: 50$ per month
(The price does not include real-time protection from hackers and local security)


RENTAL WEBSITE – Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any online service, this one has its own advantages and disadvantages, too. Making a rental website is an easy task for any competent web designer. But what they do not know when making a rental website and what does it lead to. One website what should one website give? Generally, it should not only provide  accurate information about you and your products and services, but to present you as well. Your website should be able to assure partnership  with you, affiliate, remarketing opportunities, perfect visibility, and SEO optimization. You should not only be somewhere accessible on the Internet, you should be on first page in order to get results from your website. To achieve this, serious knowledge is required not only about SEO optimization, but also about link building, product management and analysis.


The ability to get to the front page with a little money is a fact YES, but this could happen only by us. Other web designers and studios do not work on a human level and do not try to behave humanly above all. Business behavior and modeled behavior is not everything – to become the company worthy. But it does not determine the quality of their services. We at Global Web Design LTD are  people above all, we work with you and your budget opportunities. Trying to get your work done. Many web designers do not realize that not only the high price repels many customers but also the lack of warranty. Therefore, each of our services has a performance guarantee for your personal peace of mind. For eleven years in the industry, We have only one failed order, but who does not?


By properly product positioning, a site for a rent will give you higher results and and it will be more productive. The appearance of a new rental website on first position in Google is not an easy task. Many web designers and studios will take you tremendous sums of money to position you there. But the worst is that a lot of them do it through local advertising and not by making a local seo of a rental website. This leads to indexing the new Google Website with all of its manufacturing drawbacks. What does this mean? Each newly created website has directories that should not be indexed by Google, like the admin folder and some other. If a website is not fixed on time all will be indexed after that.


Making SEO optimization of a rental website is very important for its positioning on the front  Google page, but it is not a must.  A lot of designers create websites and later make their  seo optimization. But quite often after the very construction of a rental website, web designers do not create robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, and do not stop indexing of wrong and unnecessary stamps and directories. This leads to poor indexing of your website and, consequently, to its more difficult optimization at a later stage. The more difficult the optimization is, the more money  it will cost you. This has become a bad practice in Bulgaria,  because of  lazyness or  lack of knowledge The lach of knowledge  prevails in 80% of the cases.  That is why we at Global Web Design LTD are constantly developing and qualifying ourselves.  In order to be able to give you the best while making a rental website.


When making a rental website, what should we keep from? The most common frauds are when you pay they disappear or you pay and they make you something that does not work. These are extremely bad moments for your budget and online business. Our advice for such situations is to check at least 2-3 clients feedback before ordering.

rental website
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