Google is an old, but quite proven and fourth method of advertising your business, which reaches many people. Advertising in Google always gives failures to the results, especially when selling a product range. The result when selling services through Google is different, which is why it is based on a well-optimized campaign. By optimizing the Google campaign, you will be selected a little further down in this article, in which you will learn some subtleties. For starters, for your Google ad to be successful, it must be very well visualized graphically. The beginning of the step is your ad to be written SEO oriented and strictly targeted. Anyone who comes across an ad should be “grabbed” by it for at least a few seconds, whether they need the product or not.


An advertising campaign on Google is the tool you need to reach your target groups. An advertising campaign consists of several stages – graphic, text, targeted and properly budgeted. In order for you to like and remember your ad, it must have a beautiful graphic appearance. The text to be written should be kept carefully for users, but should not be too long and boring. Nobody likes to read a lot during the day, and in this case, because of your ad, you have to make it clear from the first sentence. This will also give a very good SEO optimization of your ad for crawling bots on Google. Last but not least, understand that you need to target your advertising message very well. This means reaching only groups of people who are interested in your products and services.


The budget allocation of an ad is complex for some areas and businesses and requires a good product manager. The role of the product manager is to analyze the market and target advertising where it would sell most successfully. We at Global Web Design BG offer advertising in Google at an affordable price.

When you order advertising in Google, you receive:

– Graphic layout of an advertising banner
– Fetch indexing of your ad
– Write SEO Text For Your Ad
– Forming keywords and phrases for the ad
– Basic targeting analysis
– Set up the advertising campaign in Google Adwords


ADVERTISEMENT IN GOOGLE MAPS ( if you don’t have time we will do it for you ) !

Advertising in Google Maps is a method that has been actively used for several years due to the increased mobile use of Google Maps. Everyone has a smartphone, tablet and other device from which they browse and search for a location in Google Maps. When an interesting name comes out there, most users look at it out of curiosity, causing traffic to the site. Thus, each user introduces himself as a potential customer.


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