The benefits of email marketing are not small. One of them is to arouse interest and traffic to your site or store. This always has a good effect on your site in front of Google by raising your reputation and pushing you up in the rankings. Every visitor to your website is a potential customer and this should not be forgotten. Email marketing is a method that involves several processes – graphics, text and bulk sending. You need to have a phone, email and possibly a website or online store. However, these people will want to see your work and / or the products and services you offer. If you can do the graphics and text very well, the success of email marketing will be great.

email marketing campaign


When ordering an e-mail to send an advertising message, you receive:

– Graphic design (Photoshop)
– HTML design via (HTML5)
– Responsive design – (to open on mobile devices)
– Internal Link Building
– Unsubscribe Form (Automatic)
(100,000 emails): 250$
(200,000 emails): 400$
(300,000 emails): 480$
(400,000 emails): 550$
CLEARING YOUR BASE WITH EMAILS (up to 5 million):  100$



An email campaign is a method by which several email marketing mass mailings of advertising messages are navigated simultaneously. When running such an email campaign, the traffic to your website or online store is usually huge. You should talk to your web host and warn them about this action and get advice or directly increase the resources of your hosting. Otherwise, you may overload your server and your website may crash for a period of time. This will not be pleasant at all, especially when you have paid for a mass email campaign.


It regularly happens that companies offering mass distribution of e-mails do not comply with the laws on GDPR. This, of course, never leads to positive consequences and always leads to court. There are many people who have registered not to receive spam (unsolicited advertising messages). We at Global Web Design Ltd always use the daily user program to clear pre-campaign emails. We must write the date on which we did the cleaning and the time of unpacking, and at the bottom there is a form for unsubscribing, which is automatic. In this way we guarantee you trouble-free advertising and peace of mind. We guarantee you the high quality of the service, and you enjoy the success.


email marketing campaign
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