Building a betting link for your website or online store is likely to increase normal visibility. Properly build a link bet (created on internal links) on the website, targeting its SEO. Websites with a small betting link are usually far behind in ranking for certain keywords and phrases. Technically, when crawling links, Google robots follow – id, name, advisory title and title of your links. In case of errors, of course, this is reported to confuse the crawling robot and subsequently poor SEO optimization. Quite often there are certain web pages on websites with 20-30 internal links, which is practically too much. With a normal link that is placed on each internal page, there should not be more than 20 internal links.



In the process of building the internal link building relies mainly on setting links in the text of existing pages of the website. This seems easy at first glance, but actually requires setting the semantics and subject matter of the text. Quite a number of people do not have these skills and write non-thematic texts, and this always leads to poor seo optimization. In addition to the strictly thematic text, when building a link building it is necessary to make structured content with keywords and phrases. The given words and phrases are anchored, deluded and named so that they can be clear to the crawling robots of Google. The more thematic links a page has, the better optimized it becomes. The saturation of the keyword and key phrases is the other thing you need to consider when creating a link building.

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