redesign of online store


Redesign online store is not an easy task when talking to push the online store first page in Google.

The reputation of the online store should be heavy enough and the ranking high. The online store must also have a very good social link building. The local and organic seo must be over 78% in order to be able to raise the given online store on the first page in Google.

Redesign of an online store is a process in which an approved scheme of implementation is followed. It starts with the images and their reduction as megabytes and ends with the reduction of JS, CSS, HTML and all the files in it.

HTTP requests to the server are then calculated and reduced by caching. Removes redundant code or positions it in external JS, CSS files. Last but not least, the online store connects to the CloudFlare server, which plays one of the main roles for its stability.


When ordering a redesign of an online store you get:

  • Complete redesign of online shop;
  • Reducing the size of pictures for fast loading;
  • Reduce the size of JS, CSS and HTML files for fast loading;
  • CloudFlare check service for constant visualization of your online store even when your hosting crashes;
  • Free SEO analysis of your online store;
  • Arranging the first page of a Marketing Product Specialist.(for 500 products): $ 550
    (for 1000 products): $ 650
    (for 5000 products): $ 900
    (for and over 20,000 products): $ 1,250



We at Global Web Design BG give you a 6 to 8 month warranty for our services. The warranty covers a backup of all images and files that we have edited or reduced for optimal fast loading of the store. These copies are kept and when necessary we restore the entire store. Our servers can also store large amounts of files up to 100 GB each. The service is with minimal monthly fees – ask on the phone or email from our contact form.

redesign of online store
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