video editing


(From event shooting to box – overall concept)

Video editing is a process in which we connect your video materials, processing and adding visual effects and filters.
It is often necessary to process sound on one or more channels in order to maximize the experience in front of the screen.
From video editing to a box with a cover, you are only one phone call or email from us.
We offer a package service so you don’t have to wonder where to find a photographer, cameraman and then a processing studio.
All our video editing services are strictly tailored to your budget and give you a chance to get exactly what you want.

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The complete processing of video material from DVD, CD, Hard Disk, Flash Memory or other digital media is performed by our highly qualified video editors. A video editor is the person who performs the video editing with professional software. The better a video editor, the better the end product. We have several very good high-level video editors and we guarantee a high quality end product. Our specialists work with several software for editing, such as: adobe premier, adobe after effects, sony vegas pro and others. We have always managed to meet the requirements of our customers with the editing we offer.


We also perform professional filming of all kinds of events, birthdays, name days, celebrations, school events, graduations, anniversaries, golden moments, weddings and much more. Company have equipment for sound if necessary, as you need to see the place in advance, maybe in a photo.
We also have very good DJs who will make the event unforgettable with appropriate music, games and many other entertainments.  We can provide each service at a very competitive price so that you do not have to look for everything separately. It is difficult to find a good photographer, cameraman, video editor and equipment that costs thousands of levs. We have everything and we can provide a locked cycle for the whole event.


Once we have a video editing prepared by the video editor, we can proceed to burn it to DVD or CD. The whole process ends only when you like how it looks. We offer the ability to print on disk – image, text or both. Then a cover is prepared, which is printed and tucked into the packaging of the box, acquiring a finished look. The overall design of the cover as well as the disc is to your taste and with your photos and text. Capture the moments of your life and save them on disk or in an internet cloud server with our services.

video editing
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