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Webinar is a web-based software for conducting webinars, namely the transmission of video and audio to viewers. Many companies resort to this method in training or qualification courses, even in conference calls. What bonuses does a webinar system give? A webinar system is a complete solution for conducting complex webinars to many viewers for advertising or educational purposes.

Free Webinar – You often encounter and even receive spam for such free webinars. In reality, they are free, but their purpose is to arouse interest in you to buy. We offer installation of a ready-made webinar system for your WordPress website or online store.


When ordering, you receive the Pro version of the Webinar system:

web-based webinar softwareYou can broadcast live (10-20 sec.) delay in real time;
Registration form for participants;
Login form for subscribers;
Opportunity to purchase tickets;
Information block;
Real-time block chat;
Informative box for the webinar while live;
Transmission via HANGOUT from a computer or telephone;
Opportunity to advertise to all subscribers;
Automatic reminder emails to webinar subscribers;
Built-in online store connected to the webinar;
Built-in function for Affiliate (sell lectures and digital products);
Function Hire Freelancer (chat between a freelancer and a tenant with the option to pay by card when renting);
Account levels – Freelancer – Lecturer – E-Merchant – Affiliate – Client – Administrator – Editor – Moderator

Recommended hosting – Virtual Server or Semi Dedicated Server;
It is not recommended to use the hosting provided for the website! !! !!
Administration on our part of the server and the system – (if it is on our server)!

Sales price: $ 25000 – $5400
(monthly technical support: $150)
(VPS server for the system is also included in the monthly support)



A free webinar system is offered by many companies with scarce information during its holding. This is a marketing ploy to get attention so they can get you to take advantage of their services and products. This webinar strategy originated in the United States and was launched long before we knew about the capabilities of the computer. It is an interesting fact that without the extremely important information of John Atanassov, Bill Gates would not have produced the computer. Let’s get back to the topic of webinars. What are the benefits of webinars for our business? The benefits are many, you will first receive feedback from people, which is important for your business and your approach. Second, you will be able to ask them exactly what they want and what exactly they prefer from your services in general.


The benefits of a live webinar are not to be underestimated. Within an hour or two with a break of two you can whirl serious interest in your products and services. Of course, a live broadcast requires a lot of skills, you need to be able to speak clearly and intelligibly. A system for live broadcasting is recommended before a webinar system recording system because live guests can ask questions to guide you and give you feedback. Webinars are generally a means of connecting the seller and the customer in a joint conference call. Through a live webinar you can not only demonstrate, but also sell your products or services directly. A live webinar provides many benefits for direct marketers.


It does not usually provide many benefits, but it can inform viewers about your products and services. Many companies prefer live streaming, and those who use recording make fewer sales. The idea of ​​a recording webinar is purely informative, a kind of automated system for selling through minimal action. Of course, like any webinar system with little action, this one gives small results. Only 20% of companies use a webinar to record or remarket their products and services. Or in companies that have too many products and services and can’t set aside many people for permanent broadcasts.

webinar system
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