Advertising on social networks is becoming increasingly preferred to ordinary advertising in the Google search engine. Due to the large number of users who are self-divided into groups, Facebook targeting advertising is significantly more effective than advertising on Google. By splitting your targets, you can advertise to specific groups of people who are interested in your products and services. Advertising on social networks is practiced by almost all companies in Bulgaria. Less than 5% are companies that do not use social networks for advertising, which speaks for itself! Facebook advertising is a methodology of all intellectuals to achieve desired targets and achieve high marketing results in sales. However, advertising on social networks is a priority over Google advertising and is preferred more.



In general, over 95% of companies in Bulgaria prefer to advertise their products and services on the social network Facebook. In it, people can note exactly what they want to receive, which gives targeting to end users. This is a gold mine in social advertising through Facebook advertising. Many web designers recommend Facebook advertising to Google advertising because of the targeting and high results.

Why can’t Google advertising achieve high results in front of Facebook advertising?

Google is not a social network and people can’t tell what they want to get and what they want to follow. Based on this, they get everything and most of the searches do not give them what they are actually looking for. If we write on Facebook – web design – we will find the right web design companies with competitive prices. If we type in Google – web design – we will come across more expensive web design studios. Facebook advertising has advantages over Google advertising and email marketing.



In only three of all social networks, advertising gives real results. These are Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Google Plus is especially important in advertising products and services because it is closely related to the Google search engine. Proper advertising there will give many times higher results than Facebook advertising. With good advertising and properly distributed real budget spent, the results will be quite high. And the company will again look for the correct services of the same web design company or studio. Few web designers know these small but important details in the preparation of marketing strategy for advertising and budgeting. Quite often the end user of a business in our country gives money and receives only 20% real result from advertising. This is due to the simple fact that a lot of money is not spent on the actual payment of the ad.



When an ad is created and placed on the social network Google Business, it automatically connects to the Fetch robots of the Google search engine to crawl the text. This leads to either positive or negative results depending on how well the content of the ad is written. Launching Google advertising is a fine job, especially when it comes to Google Plus. This social network requires an anchored test, the links should be named and there should be key phrases in the text, not just keywords. Of course, the theme is observed in the correct structure, which makes writing by an ordinary person close to impossible. That’s why we are to write seo oriented advertising in Google Plus to achieve a high result.



Facebook Marketing – What Is It?
So-called Facebook marketing includes a number of tools for fine advertising on Facebook. Nothing special at first glance. It turns out, however, that there are quite subtle options to acquire your Facebook ad social look. Writing an advertising message is not an easy task, especially when there must be key phrases. How to understand which keyword phrases work for our ad is relatively simple. You type whatever you think of your business into the search engine and observe what it recommends in words and phrases. You write down these words and phrases and put them in your advertisement with links and in this way you will build a link building to you. There is no more useful method than link building that gives a highly organic seo.


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